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Automotive Dan's

Automotive Dan's

This may sound very familiar to you…

Use technology for marketing they said!  So we, at Automotive Dan’s, developed a website and Facebook page for our business in 2019 for marketing our business services.

We soon found that technology works best if you "use" it and understand how to make it work for the business.

Just having a website and Facebook page doesn't mean people will suddenly see and know who/what you are and come flocking to your business. It doesn't work that way.

In addition, these technologies are changing/upgrading constantly, and you need to be aware of all this. to say the least, we were a bit overwhelmed by this "technology".

We contacted Community Futures and met with Elizabeth, CF Marketing Manager, who helped us in understanding and working with website and Facebook technologies.

She suggested we join Taking Care of Business to take advantage of the training provided. Elizabeth was also one of the instructors and taught a great course, Digital Marketing 101, which helped in understanding marketing strategies and provided tools to help grow our business.

This all helped us in updating our website, and actively using Facebook in marketing our business, Automotive Dan's.

We are Stronger Together! Thanks Community Futures and, especially Elizabeth, for the training and assistance in understanding Digital Marketing and how it fits in our business marketing. 

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