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Employer Support - Work BC

Employer Support - Work BC

WorkBC not only assists people looking for work, but also has many supports for businesses looking for employees?

Free job postings – post your open position on the local job board atHorton Ventures Inc

Wage Subsidy Program – Wage subsidy offers employers opportunities to cover a portion of wages for employees, re-hire laid off employees, hire new employees, support existing operations and expansion and more.

Business Resources – Tap into essential BC business resources that can help you launch or grow your business.

Connect with Work BC at WorkBC - Employer Resources to get a full list of supports available to your business.

PRO Tip: Are you looking to reach new hires outside of the North Cariboo area? The city of Quesnel has created a Relocation Guide that can be included in your job posting to show potential applicants the lifestyle they can expect when living in North Cariboo.

OR you can link the landing page to a job posting: employees can download the relocation guide from this page or request a relocation package. 

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